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Transmitter and Controller Questions

How are CrowdSync LED products controlled? 

Our products are controlled through an innovative, easy to use Crowdsync transmitter! With customizable sequences and colors, you can have full control over your event in minutes!

How are CrowdSync LED products controlled?

Our products are controlled through an innovative, easy to use Crowdsync transmitter! With customizable sequences and colors, you can have full control over your event in minutes!

What is the process of renting a Transmitter like?

Approximately 1-2 weeks before your event, you will recieve a pelican case with a laptop, pre-installed with our easy to use dmx ligting software and transmitter!


Crowdsync representatives are always available to walk you through and set up and installation questions you may have.


Please be sure to check out our CrowdSync Instructional Video as well!


Can a CrowdSync Technician run our event?

Crowdsync Technicians are available to travel to events both nationally, as well as internationally! Rates start at $350 a day, plus travel expenses. For more information on our Crowdsync Technicians, reach out to us at sales@crowdsynctechnology.com

How does the DMX wristband control software work?

Our DMX lighting control software is easy to use, but best of all, user friendly! While the program is pre set with all of CrowdSync's color combinations and sequences, you can make your own right at home! (Custom sequences are also available upon request)


We Licesnce a version MyDMX 3 to run with all of our control systems. You will receive a laptop with the preinstalled software already programmed to easily handle your wristband lighting show.

What do I do with the rental Transmitter and equipment after my event?

The wristbands are yours to keep, and make a fun memento for guests to remember your event. The laptop and Transmitter case will come with a prepaid FedEx label, which you can drop off at any FedEx location, hassle free!


All rental equipment must be returned within a week of your event! Additonal rental charges may incur for late returns.

What are CrowdSync Automatic LED products?

Controllable LED's not your style? Crowdsync offeres a variety of fantastic LED products that are sound activated, automatic, and require no set up except being passed out to your guests!

Order and Shipping Information

When will I receive my order?

Custom Orders (Custom logo and color imprint)
1-2 weeks for processing and shipping.

Basic Order
48 hours for processing and shipping

How does CrowdSync ship my order?

FedEx is our prefered method of shipping. You will recieve your order 2-5 days after it is shipped. You will also be provided with an order number so you can track your shipment!

International Shipping?

CrowdSync ships internationally! Additinal charges and expenses may occur. CrowdSync is not responsible for customs or an other extraneous duties.


International order? Give us a heads up at sales@crowdsynctechnology.com

Does CrowdSync have a minimum order?

We have a minimum order of 100 units for all of our products.

Custom Logos and Artwork

Can I customize my order with a logo? 

CrowdSync can customize your wristband with a logo of your choice! Send us your logo in vector format, (.ai, .eps., .svg., or a high resolution .png).


Want to see what your logo would look like on one our products? Request a mockup!

What about a color logo? 

CrowdSync does color! With up to 4 different colors, customize your wristband, your way!


For all custom orders, you will recieve a digital proof within 24 hours. We ask that you confirm the proof before we begin printing!